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Ensure normal business at all times
Gaurentee your life style
Watch your favourite programs uninterrupted

Prelec SA is a market leader in Power Solutions for office, home, commercial, medical, dental, legal & industrial applications. The company designs & manufactures products such as :

We also specialize in products such as:

We have successfully assisted the medical industry i.e. optometrist, general practitioners, dentists & orthodontists with stand-by power and money saving solutions.

Numerous references from the legal industry confirms the importance of having continued power supply to guarantee an 8 hour work day without power outages.

Our stand-by units provide peace of mind and continued business functions in times of load shedding, Escom & municipal power outages due to maintenance and/or unscheduled power failures.

Office application – Ensure normal business at all times. Assistance includes: desk top computers, lap top computers, printers (dot matrix, desk jet, ink jet, laser,4-in1 printers, MFP etc.), PABX systems, servers, point of sale machines, credit card machines, fax machines, photo copiers, energy saving lights, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, cell phone chargers etc. One day of power outage and your unit is paid for!

Home application –guarantee your life style Our “Power Buddy” supports energy saving lights, TV’s, plasma TV’s, DVD’s, music centers, satellite dish & decoder, Mnet, HiFi, gaming (X-box – Wii –Nintendo etc.), security systems, garage doors, electric gates, fridge, kettle, electric blanket, alarm clock, hair dryer, fish tank pump, swimming pool pump, oxygen machines etc. Watch your favourite programs uninterrupted!

Our product range varies from 500VA up to 20 KVA units.
Deep cycle 102AH batteries in 12V to 360V banks.

Provide us with your wattage requirements and we will design a unit to suite your individual needs

Contact us for an onsite evaluation to determine your requirements!

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